Pallet Rack Beams Capacity Standard

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Pallet racking is best defined as a pallet support system that consists of beams and upright structures in a warehouse. To ensure that a warehouse uses its optimum capacity, every warehouse owner must know pallet rack beams capacity standard and follow standard rules of pallet racking. An effective pallet racking itself means that there is good balance between warehouse space utilization and loading capacity in it. There are several factors that can affect pallet racking; one of them is the pallet rack beams capacity.

Pallet rack beams come in various standard specifications, which mean that each warehouse owner must know the right types and sizes of beams necessary to ensure effective loading and space utilization. Failure in this calculation will create problems such as pallet rack damage thanks to overweight loads, spatial problems in the warehouse (e.g. difficulties in doing maneuvers between racks) and even accident at work.

Normally, ideal pallet rack beams capacity must be counted based on the heaviest loads in the warehouse. Ideal beam capacity in a warehouse is counted using the beam dimension itself such as the length and the height, but there are also other ways to count beam capacity such as using the beam’s part number or simply the length. Standard beams can support between 1,570 to 4,500 kg of weight, strong enough for most industrial warehouse needs.

Pallet Rack Beams Capacity

However, warehouse owners must also pay attention on how they place the loads on the rack so that the capacity of each beam is used to its fullest. This is achieved by using the concept of UDL or Uniformly Distributed Loads, where the loads are placed in certain way that each beam supports 50% of the load weight. In short, you cannot just place 1,500 kg of loads on one side of the rack shelf while the other side is empty even though you use a pair of 100 mm beams with 4 connectors that have more than 2,050kg of load capacity.

Pallet rack beams capacity for Warehouse

So, how to count an ideal pallet rack beams capacity for your warehouse? There are various counting tools or industrial calculators that can give accurate measurement of ideal beam capacity for certain types of beams. For example, a United State based pallet rack manufacturing company Unarco Rack puts free beam capacity calculator in its official website to help customers count ideal beam capacity for their pallet racks. You can just input the beam dimensions to the calculator and you can get instant result. Again, the result of this pallet rack beams capacity calculator only applies if the warehouse owner uses Uniformly Distributed Loads system.