Pallet Storage System

PALLET RACKING Safe pallet handling Our heavy duty pallet storage system Pal Rack® consists of components and accessories to fulfil all your needs. Goods of all sizes and weights can be safely stored with our innovative pallet racking system. To achieve optimal safety, we conduct thorough testing in specialised laboratories. Stow: Pallet storage When it… read more »

Pallet Rack Safety Tips

Just some tips we’ve picked up along the way when it comes to keeping pallet racks safe: The majority of pallet rack structural failures result from just three sources – know them, and most of the rest takes care of itself. Those include (1) impacts from a lift truck collision; (2) Misuse and overloading (3)… read more »

Rack Protection

Protection of the racking against collision from a fork lift truck is important. The expected lifetime will be extended and repairs limited. A number of basic protectors are available and for specific applications dedicated protectors have been developed, for example fall through protectors. The corner protector The corners of the racking are vulnerable to damage… read more »


Safe pallet handling & storage Stow Storage Systems Australia will design, supply and install a pallet racking solution that meets your business needs. Optimising your warehouse space is crucial to achieving maximum efficiency and storage capability. The Australian Standard is a “non-negotiable” for Stow Storage Systems Australia and is the base of everything we do!… read more »

Pallet Rack Systems

M-H-E has Everything you need for your complete Pallet Rack System! We Are The Manufacturer With The Nations Largest In-Stock Inventory! Pallet Rack Systems Pallet rack systems for inventory storage and warehouse organization come in a variety of styles, with a nearly infinite number of configurations. Complicating matters further, pallet racking systems can be purchased either new or used. Used pallet… read more »

Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking Increase pallets stored by 33% A derivative to the Selective pallet racking, the Double Deep system requires the use of a specialist reach truck or an attachment fitted to the reach truck. Whilst achieving increases in capacity of up to 30% above the former, only 50% of the pallets are immediately… read more »